Not only does RAF Cosford Air Show offer you an exciting and thrilling air display, we also aim to keep the whole family entertained with a wide and varied programme of activities on the ground. Some of the displays you can expect to see are detailed below.





Military Displays
See behind the scenes at RAF Cosford and discover what training to become qualified RAF Technicians and Engineers looks like! With a number of military units being based at RAF Cosford this is your opportunity to get hands on and find out what life in the RAF is really all about. With displays inside our aircraft hangars and across the showground there will be interactive displays from:
- Defence School of Aeronautic Engineering
- No. 1 Radio School
- Defence School of Photography
- RAF School of Physical Education
- University of Birmingham Air Squadron
- Wales & West Region Air Training Corps





STEM Hangar 
Showcasing the best that the West Midlands and the country have to offer in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths the RAF Cosford Air Show STEM Hangar is an ideal chance to get real hands on experience of what it is like to be in some of the most diverse careers available. With RAF Cosford being the home to the training of RAF Technicians and Engineers it is a wonderful experience to see the opportunities available within the Royal Air Force and their civilian equivalents. Watch the fascinating shows on the stage, gather information about future education opportunities and see just where your passions for all things STEM could take you…





The Vintage Village
Over the past two years, the Vintage Village has grown to become one of the most popular attractions on the showground and for 2017 we’re making it bigger and better! We’ll be transporting you back to the ‘Swinging Sixties’ where, amongst a huge variety of aircraft, you’ll discover how life and the social history of the country changed in this iconic decade. Listen to some brilliant live music (Yellow Submarine anyone!?), sample 1960s style refreshments from the Vintage Tea Room and ‘have a go’ at children’s games from the era. Re-enact the winning goal from the 1966 World Cup, marvel at the beautiful cars and have a chat with living history groups portraying the military from the height of the Cold War.  You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase 1960s style gifts, clothing & memorabilia in our Vintage Fair, fancy exhibiting…contact Sarah at averyvintageevents@gmail.com.






RAF Village
What to know more about life in the Royal Air Force? In the RAF Village you’ll be able to explore the range of RAF Careers available as both a Regular or Reservist. As well as hands on displays and exhibitions – including a mock-up Chinook helicopter - a number of Royal Air Force display teams will have a ground presence in the RAF Village, including your chance to meet the RAF Red Arrows pilots! We also plan to have a selection of modern day RAF aircraft parked near the RAF Village for you to check out too.








RAF Forward Operating Base

In addition to our usual Military Ground
displays, this year we are creating a
Forward Operating Base on the airfield as
part of our Battlefield Support theme.
Displays in this area will showcase how
the Royal Air Force works on operations
and will include assets from Jt GBAD, RAF
Regiment and Tactical Supply Wing. A
number of support helicopters will also be
on static display as part of the Forward
Operating Base display.








Food & Refreshments

On the air show site there will be a vast
number of catering outlets providing a
variety of choices to suit all tastes. All
catering at the RAF Cosford Air Show is
provided as a sole concession, with
MPM Catering our provider for 2017.








Trade & Exhibitors

RAF Cosford Air Show has proven to be a regular attraction for
traders and exhibitors both local and national. With over a
kilometre of trade stands there's something for everyone from
aviation artists, charitable organisations, and military
merchandise to scented soaps, book stalls and the occasional
dressed up rubber duck! If you would like to exhibit at the Air
Show, please visit our Traders Page

















Fun Fair

No family day out would be complete without a Fun Fair! The Air Show will have a large range of traditional fun attractions on the site for all the family to enjoy, including rides, fairground stall games and inflatables.


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