Whether you are a major brand wishing to reach an affluent audience of 55,000, a local company hoping to raise awareness of your services, or a defence supplier waving the flag for the Royal Air Force, there are opportunities galore at Cosford.

There are a range of “off the shelf” packages such as sponsorship of the souvenir programme, the high-profile information signs, or even our radio station. However, in order to fully benefit from the unique exposure a truly integrated sponsorship can offer, please do talk to us about packages tailor made to suit your aims and ambitions.

Package prices range from £500 - £20,000 so there truly is an opportunity for every company.









Audience Key Facts

- 55,000 people visit RAF Cosford Air Show

- 72% between the ages of 31-60

- 94% satisfied or highly satisfied with their visit

- 60% family audience

Messaging Made Easy

If you want to place your name or your opportunity in front of an enthusiastic and affluent crowd of 55,000 people, then RAF Cosford Air Show is the place for you. We can offer a variety of ways to get the message across including the following two key opportunities:



Souvenir Programme

10,000 programmes are produced each year and read by an avid audience of families and aviation enthusiasts. Each programme is read by an average of 3 people so advertising in the programme will help you reach over 30,000 prospects. Current advertisers range from major international brands such as Breitling to key players in the defence industry and local companies such as hotels and retailers.  Please contact us to discuss advertising space rates.



Branding Sites

With thousands of metres of fence line, hundreds of crowd barriers and a very prominent control tower, there are banner sites a plenty. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and how many banners you can bring and we will put together a package of sites that will help you reach your target audience at a very reasonable cost.  Banner site packages start at £250 – but the sky's the limit!

For further details on sponsorship or advertising your company at the RAF Cosford Air Show please contact our Deputy Director Marilyn Summers on 01902 377922 or email her on marilyn@cosfordairshow.co.uk


The Royal Air Force Cosford Air Show is grateful for the important contributions of all its current sponsors, who are listed below:

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